Artist Bio

Hector Olvera & Stephanie Roman-Olvea



Self-taught artist Hector Olvera, grew up in Guadalajara, Mexico interested mathematics and engineering.  He has worked as a professional industrial electrician for years before realizing his passion for mosaics.  It is the processes of cutting large sheets of glass into extremely small pieces into precise but simplistic geometric design made from local materials that is fascinating and inspires the creation of his mosaics.

Emerging artist Stephanie Roman-Olvera grew up in Traverse City, Michigan and moved to the Seattle area over a decade ago. In her youth, she studied watercolor painting under Carolynn Scott Risk at Northwestern Michigan College and has a Bachelor degree in Landscape Architecture from University of Washington. Currently she collaborates with Hector Olvera as a stained mosaic artist in their company Olvera Design and independently designs landscapes.

As an evolving artist, Stephanie is exploring the integration of art in the natural landscape. She believes art is a process; it should not be just placed in a space to view, rather re­flect and unfold in the moment with the materials to educate and create unique experiences.


2016    Installed     Permanent Art Installation, Moorlands Elementary

2016    Installed     Permanent Art Installation, Schack Art Center
2014    Awarded     Partnership Award, Anacortes Chamber of Commerce
2014    Installed     Temporary Art Installation, 4Culture, Kirkland, WA
2014    Awarded     American Society of Landscape Architecture

                              Award of Honor
2013    Featured     Artist, Tasty, Seattle
2012    Installed     Temporary Art Installation, City of Redmond
2011    Awarded    Art in the Park, 2nd Best in Show, Boise Art Museum
2011    Installed     Permanent Art Installation, Schack Art   
2011    Awarded    Artist of the Month, Women’s Wellness Center, Everett